What is openCloud?

openCloud, is a solution pioneered by SYNAQ that allows SYNAQ Cloud Messaging customers FREE, HIGH-SPEED
access to the SYNAQ cloud and awesome breakout access speeds to the Internet at a discounted price.

What do I need to install for openCloud?

You will need at least two (or up to 8) ADSL lines from Telkom. Our very clever engineers will then install a VoxTelecoms Fishbone™ line bonder at your offices. That’s it really.

How do I qualify as an openCloud customer?

You must be a business of at least 20 email users, and you must either already be a SYNAQ Cloud Messaging Customer or purchase the Cloud Messaging service.

What is SYNAQ Cloud Messaging?

SYNAQ Cloud Messaging Suite, powered by Zimbra, is a highly customisable, enterprise class hosted messaging and collaboration solution. It provides all the functionality and capabilities you’d expect of a full-featured messaging suite – without the associated excessive costs. With email, shared calendaring, shared contacts, global address list, instant messaging, file storage, web document management, social networking integration and compatibility with all popular mail clients including Outlook, SYNAQ Cloud Messaging Suite is a truly modern, innovative messaging and collaboration application. In addition, any cell phone or smart device with a web browser can access SYNAQ Cloud Messaging without having to download additional software. And mobile push technology allows for emails, calendar invitations and contact information to be pushed over-the-air to your Blackberry or ActiveSync enabled smartphone.

What is a Fishbone™ line bonder?

A Fishbone™ line bonder combines multiple independent access lines (ADSL, Diginet, etc.), through line aggregation technologies, into a single high capacity access link. For example, if you have four ADSL lines at speeds of 4Mb/s you can achieve Internet and openCloud access speeds of up to 16Mb/s.